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Between the COVID 19 pandemic and the general chaos that is summertime many parents are left wondering "how can we make a safe memorable summer for the kids?" The simple fact is , children are really easy creatures to please if you know what makes them work. Think about it. Our grandparents did a great deal with us as children with fewer resources. Real play, interaction and fun memories can be had with little cost and some simple planning. Most children like three things, positive adult attention -using real tools and objects-engaging hands on learning. Sounds easy enough right? Surprisingly children want less screen time once they have a taste of alternate adventure. Below is a simple list of activities you can enjoy this summer. Be safe, be well and get out there and play!

  • the DCNR website for State Parks is a valuable resource, there is an interactive map that explores parks by region. How many can you visit? Printing out a map of list and add a mark with each one you visit

  • Swim at a waterfall, there are some right here in Pennsylvania

  • Atlas Obscura is a fun funky site of places esp for older kids

  • Honey I shrunk the kids day-yes, just like the movie. Grab some magnifying glasses and a chunk of backyard. Explore, draw, photograph what you find in your 12 inch square of grass. Under log exploration-all kids of creatures there

  • Mud pie party-old dishes, pans mixed with dirt and water provides hours of messy lay

  • Kiddie car wash-soap, buckets and sponges. Let them use paintbrushes and water to paint the house. Always supervise small children near water buckets.

  • Picnic-under a favorite tree, tailgate at a park or on the back porch. Eating outside brings a sense of adventure and kids love it.

  • Pen Pal-older children will love writing and receiving mail. Local nursing homes may even be able to provide you with a lonely resident to correspond with.

  • Hang peanut butter apples for the squirrels.

  • Set up a bird feeder.

  • Nature hunt or scavenger hunt-make a list and walk the neighborhood together.

  • Star gaze-name constellations you find. While outside you can also catch lightning bugs.

  • Read "It looked like spilled milk" and go cloud watching. Make clouds you see with shaving cream.

  • Nerf target shoot-set up red cups and old action figures and knock um down.

  • Trapped in the ice! Freeze animals, Lego guys etc in ice and help "rescue them".

  • Make smoothies . Fancy cups and straws make this one a treat.

  • Let the children make menus for dinner and serve them "restaurant" style

  • Have a family talent show.

  • Clean out the junk drawer or explore old stuff together. Record collections, old toys etc can be safely explored together.

  • Let the child be the photographer for the day and make a scrapbook-you will be amazed at what they see as important.

  • Gatorade on cotton balls will attract butterflies-teach them gentle catch and release.

  • Crayon rubbings-bark. leaves, side walks, brick all make different textures.

  • Play with an old cassette recorder. Make up stories together.

  • Mad Libs, silly putty, Play-doh, watercolors all must haves.

  • Ring around the Rosie, duck duck goose, hide and seek all classic games children love.

  • Make a volcano-baking soda and vinegar

  • Make slime-cornstarch and water

  • throw rocks in a stream

  • Sprinkler-use a two litter bottle poked with holes on a garden hose

  • Barbie doll, baby doll, monster truck bath time

  • Build a tent or fort with blankets and sheets

  • Garden

  • Have a birthday party-for a pet, a doll or whomever-get or better yet bake a real cake, balloons etc. Celebrate!

  • Tea party

  • Geocatch

  • Egg hunt-who says this is only for spring?

  • Magic potion-hide colored water bottle ,make a map to find it.

  • Make beads from magazines

  • Tent out in the backyard, or sleep in the living room

  • Air popper pop corn-if you can find one they will love it

  • Old fancy writing-big feathers and berries to squish for ink-the adult can use lemon juice on edges and heat gently which gives "old scroll" appearance

  • Bean bags-make from old socks.

  • Sandboxes-all ages-you can use giant bins,inflatable pools, premade sandboxes-wet for a different experience.

  • Bubbles-what objects can you find for bubble blowing-straws, spatulas,colanders

  • Whatever you do be safe and have fun!

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