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Halloween is cancelled, now what?

As a huge fan of Fall and Halloween Covid-19 has put a damper on all things spooky this season. Awaiting the word from the government as to whether or not trick or treating will commence has many of us scrambling to figure out fun alternatives that are safe .What can those of us that refuse to skip the fall season do? Even if Halloween is not for you, Fall can be a great season for learning and exploration. Here are some fun ideas for children and adults alike if you are stuck inside this Halloween.

*Have a family Halloween party within your house. Bob for apples,play spooky music, dress up and have a photo booth.

*Apple dipping bar-anything you put on ice cream can be put on apples! Sliced apples and caramel, chocolate, sprinkles, tiny m-n-ms, chocolate chips and make for a crunchy treat.

*Shadows- my grandmother entertained us for hours making shadow puppets on the wall. All you need is a lamp, and imagination.

*Tell ghost stories-for older children especially ghost stories can be scary esp if you use a flashlight under your chin and darken the room. Not everyone one like to be scared though so use judgement.

*Ghostly bowling-old two liter bottles make great bowling pins. add a face and whalla.

*Monster meatloaf- there are may recipes on PInterest for scary meatloaf that will gross you out but are perfect for a spooky celebration.

*GUTS-fill a 2 bins with cold spaghetti and hide rubber body parts from the dollar store , race to see who can retrieve the most parts.

*Pinata-fill with candy and go

*Pin the tail on the eyeball- everyone is blindfolded and try's to get as close to the pupil as possible

*Dress up in costumes and have a dance party

*Watch spooky movies

*Candy race-hide candy in straw and race to dig it out

*Make apple witches-peel apples and carve faces, tie an old piece of fabric to be the witches head scarf,sit on window sill and watch her transform. She may mold however,either way it's science

*Make slime-recipes online

*Put pantyhose on your head-yes, silly but will evoke a million laughs,makes great insta-gram pics lol

*Hike or walk in an area with colored leaves, talk about nature and what you see.

*Candy trade-ahead of time have several neighbors that want to participate and buy candy bags, leave them unopened and arrange for a swap time. Place outside and maintain social distance.

*Bake cupcakes together

*Candy Hide and Seek-hide candy through the house and find it. Set a timer to add a challenge.

*Hide and object under a white cloth or sheet-guess what the ghost ate? Children guess what is under there.

*Make a door from a large appliance box, when child knocks, open the "door" and give them candy, change hats or costumes each time to make it more fun.

*Play flashlight tag

*Candy treasure hunt-follow a map and have a treasure chest full of candy

*There are many ideas online as well, happy haunting

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